Here you'll find details of the weapons used by the group


The Carl Gustav M45 SMG, or Swedish K, as it is generally known, entered service with the Swedish army in 1945. Since then, it has been adopted by several countries, including the USA and Ireland. It was capable of firing 600 rpm and was used extensively by the Irish throughout the Congo Crisis generally being issued to Officers and NCOs.


The Lee Enfield No4 is regarded as a classic by collectors and historians alike. Used by the Irish Army since the 1950s it saw action in the Congo for the first year of deployments, however after the massacre at Niemba in November 1960 it was shown to be inadequate compared to the weaponry being used by the opposition.


The No4T was a modified version of the Lee Enfield No4 rifle. These were issued to Irish snipers deployed with regular units during the Congo Crisis and proved quite effective in eliminating enemy snipers and heavy weapons crews.


Issued as part of their UN weapon allowance these weapons were often the only anti tank weapons Irish units had at their disposal (If they were lucky) while they could be used against enemy vehicles such as M8 greyhounds they could also be used on fixed positions to. They are still in Irish service today.


The FN FAL was formally adopted by the Irish Army in 1961 to replace the No4 Lee Enfield. It proved itself to be a excellent addition to the troops arsenal seeing service with the army well into the 80s these were the standard issue weapon of the Enlisted men.


In use with the Irish Army since the 1940s the Bren was reliable and deadly accurate sometimes outmatching rifles. It was the primary LMG for Irish UN troops in the Congo and was used for the entire conflict.


The standard light mortar for Irish units in the Congo, these proved to be a deadly tool in the hands of the well trained Irish mortar teams often being used to suppress enemy machine gun positions and for counter battery fire against enemy mortars.


As with a lot of Irish equipment this mortar shows the mix mash of kit used from different nations this being British made, while the its 60mm counter part could suppress a enemy mortar position with a chance of a direct hit these 81mm monsters could potentially obliterate them!

NO 9 Bayonet

The NO 9 Bayonet was issued to virtually every soldier and was generally carried at all times. It can be fixed to the No4 Rifles and modified M45 Gustavs.

NO36 Grenade

Issued as the standard hand grenade for Irish Soldiers, despite the fact they had been in service since WW2 were still effective. 

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