How many members do you have?

Currently we have 6 active members

How old do you have to be?

For insurance and safety purposes all members must be aged 16 or over. Those aged under 18 must be supervised by parents or guardians (Note they don't have to participate but must remain onsite)

Can women join?

Yes! They can however women were not permitted to join the Irish army back then so a civilian impression is a option..

How much does it cost?

This very much depends on your role within the group. The basic impression will cost between £400-500 exc weapon (these can be lent out for your first few shows)

How many shows do you do per year?

Generally 2-3 in the UK with maybe 1-2 over in Ireland as well so plenty of choice!

What do you sleep in?

Where possible we will be sleeping in period correct tents. Members must supply their own tents (We will provide a tent for new members for their first few shows if they can't get one)